Asset Management

Our goal is to add value to your property. 

We offer you support from our team of exerts while keeping the control and final say in your hands. Our specialist team work hard to take care of the day to day management and provide you with reliable information and advice, helping you to make the important decisions that come with property ownership.


There are many reasons why commercial property owners engage a property manager. Although the list is wide- ranging, some of the most common reasons include:

- Reducing Legal Risk: Engaging a professional team with a specialist knowledge of Landlord obligations reduces the risk that the property owner may be found at fault as a result of not meeting their obligations.
- Reducing financial risk: A dedicated team ensuring income and expenses are paid correctly and on time, as well as providing advice on the financial performance of the property can improve the Landlord’s return on investment for the property and provide clarity as to the properties real financial performance.
- Free Up Time: Appointing a qualified management team has provided many of our Landlord’s with the freedom to spend their time doing the things they enjoy.
- Higher Level of Professionalism: A well run property management team, with effective management systems can add a higher level of professionalism to the management of the property. In many cases the cost of the service is borne by the tenants who pay as part of their lease obligations.


PRD takes property management very seriously and considers it a core part of our business. As such, we have invested heavily in the best people and systems in order to provide our clients with the best possible management outcomes.

We understand that your needs are as unique as your property, as well as providing our high standard of management services, we are also flexible and can tailor our services specifically to your needs and the needs of your tenants. We will liaise with you regarding your reporting preferences and your expectations of your property management team to ensure those expectations of your property management team to ensure those expectations are exceeded.

Our management approach is to ensure the maximum return from your investment from both a cash flow and asset value perspective, while ensuring that your legal obligations are met. Our team members are aware of the factors influencing sales and leasing rates and work to ensure that your property is well placed when it comes time to sell or negotiate new leasing rates.

Our management team will provide a high standard of service that is expected of an internationally recognised brand name. This includes meeting all compliance standards and also going over and above to tailor our services specific requirements. Below is a short list of some of the basic services we undertake as part of managing your property.


Lease Management
PRD ensure that all critical dates pertaining to a lease and building are diarised and are acted on ahead of time, ensuring that all reviews, milestones and other critical dates are acted on.

Tenant Billing, Collections and Arrears Control

PRD's Tenants are sent their invoices ten days prior to the proceeding month, giving them ample time to schedule payment or perhaps query charges. We notify tenants via arrears emails, phone calls and letters to ensure arrears are controlled.

A full breakdown of tenant payment is forwarded to the landlord and up to date tenancy schedules can be produced on request.

Implementing Rent Reviews on time

We ensure that rent reviews (including fixed, CPI and market) are carried out on time and passed onto the tenant. In situations where rent reviews are required after the review date (such as when waiting on a CPI figure), we ensure that back rent is applied and collected.

Annual Outgoings Reconciliation and Budget
Insurance Control
Although most leases require Tenant’s to maintain insurances, very few owners or agents ensure that current cover is maintained. At PRD we keep a register of your tenants’ insurance requirements throughout the term of their occupation. 


Property Inspections

Scheduled inspections are carried out on your property and reports are provided containing recommended actions as well as possible areas of concern. Scheduled inspections are essential to ensuring your property provides both a safe work environment and in maximizing potential net profit.

Workplace health and safety compliance

Health and Safety is an area of ever-increasing legislation. We ensure your building is up to date with new legislation surrounding workplace health and safety.
Maintenance Management

Depending on your investment position and the lifecycle position of your property and plant, your maintenance requirements will vary. Our maintenance management goals are to ensure that your property provides a safe and effective work environment for your tenant, while still achieving your goals as an investor.

Contract Management

PRD management team review, compare and evaluate multiple contracts and quotes every day and we use this experience to ensure that you and your tenants are getting the most for your money when it comes to appointing contractors.

Risk Assessment

For those properties that require full risk assessments, we will schedule and coordinate risk assessment inspections. We will then work with you to ensure all recommendations are given through consideration and any necessary recommendations are implemented.

Fire Safety Controls

Various fire safety requirements are required for each building type across Queensland. 

At PRD we ensure that regular fire equipment checking as well as specific building type requirements are carried out on a scheduled basis and recorded for compliance purposes.

Members of our management team have different areas of expertise to be applied to your property. Having specialist roles for our property management team enables them to have expert knowledge in specific areas to ensure best practice is applied to every area of the property. This approach also gives you multiple points of contact in relation to your property.